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June 2007

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June 2007 
Webots 5.3.0 released Teaching with the e-puck robot
Webots This new version of Webots features new Aibo capabilities, the ability to move the viewpoint from the supervisor. It also introduces basic support for foreign locales and fixes a few bugs (see change log for details). You can download it here.

e-puck Francesco Mondada uses the e-puck robot at EPFL to teach micro-controller programming and robotics. He published a nice video showing amazing results achieved by his students with the microphones, camera, accelerometers, etc.
URBI for Webots 1.0 available for purchase Cyberbotics at Robocup 2007
URBI Gostai has just released the first commercial version of URBI for WebotsURBI is an innovative script language for robot programming. It is both powerful (parallelism, event programming, etc.) and easy to use. URBI for Webots 1.0 is available for purchase now from Cyberbotics.

Robocup Cyberbotics, along with Tribotix and NUBots, will be presenting a simulation of dog robots playing soccer at Robocup 2007 in Atlanta (USA) on July 7-8. This simulation is part of a proposal for the next standard league about to replace the Aibo-based four legged league.
Contribution to Aibo support in Webots Help us translating Webots in your language
Aibo Manuel João Ferreira, Rui Picas, José Afonso Pires and Cristina Santos from the University of Minho, Portugal, contributed new features for acquiring and using images from the real Aibo camera. This contribution is included in Webots 5.3.0.

Internationalization Since version 5.3.0, the graphical user interface of Webots can be switched to any foreign language with unicode UTF-8 characters. You can easily help us improving the existing locales or creating new ones by simply editing a couple of text files. See the instructions in the Webots user guide.
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