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OSX Mavericks and Matlabby Erik Billing (12) 2013-10-28 17:08:10
I just upgraded to the most recent version of OSX (running Webots 7.2.4)

While most things seems to work fine, Matlab (2013a) fails to compile what I assume are the bindings to Webots. Here's the error:

[turnField] creating: /private/tmp/protofile_matlab_2013a_webots_7_2_4.m
[turnField] Error using loadlibrary (line 419)
[turnField] Failed to preprocess the input file.
[turnField] Output from preprocessor is:xcodebuild: error: SDK "macosx10.7" cannot be located.
[turnField] xcrun: error: unable to find utility "clang", not a developer tool or in PATH
[turnField] Error in launcher (line 49)
[turnField] loadlibrary( ...

turnField is the name of my Matlab controller.

Any help is appreciated. Kind regards, Erik
Re: OSX Mavericks and Matlabby Fabien Rohrer (Webots PRO - 1284) 2013-10-29 09:00:33

Someone reported us this error few days ago.
The problem is that Matlab uses the Mac OS X SDK 10.7, and that the xcode 5.0 upgrade remove this SDK. In Mavericks, only SDK 10.8 and 10.9 remains.

It appears the solution is to replace the occurences of "10.7" with "10.8" in the /Applications/ file.

Next Matlab upgrades will certainly solve that long term.

I hope this helps,
Fabien Rohrer
Re: OSX Mavericks and Matlabby Erik Billing (12) 2013-10-30 09:24:35
Dear Fabien,

thank you very much for this hint. Doing as you said resolved the issue.

Just for clarity in case someone else runs into the same issue, I changed four lines in

#            CC='xcrun  -sdk macosx10.7  clang'
            CC='xcrun  -sdk macosx10.8  clang'
#            MW_SDK_TEMP="find `xcode-select -print-path` -name MacOSX10.7.sdk"
            MW_SDK_TEMP="find `xcode-select -print-path` -name MacOSX10.8.sdk"
#            MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET='10.7'
#            CXX='xcrun  -sdk macosx10.7  clang++'
            CXX='xcrun  -sdk macosx10.8  clang++'

I also had to do "mex - setup" from inside matlab in order to copy to my user directory.
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