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We are delighted to announce the release of Webots 8.6.0. Several new features were introduc [...]
0Olivier Michel2017-07-24 11:35:58
Webots 8.5.4 fixes a few bugs, including issues with the e-puck robot window, Radar, GPS and [...]
0Olivier Michel2017-03-10 17:49:26
Webots 8.5.3 fixes a few bugs, including issues with retina display on macOS, persistence of [...]
0Olivier Michel2016-12-22 18:06:29
Webots 8.5.2 fixes a couple of bugs related to the cross-compilation on the Robotis OP2 robo [...]
0Olivier Michel2016-11-22 14:58:08
Webots 8.5.1 fixes several bugs, including some problems running Webots on macOS Sierra and [...]
0Olivier Michel2016-11-14 17:27:36
Webots 8.5.0 introduces many new features: speaker device for sound simulation with text-to- [...]
0Olivier Michel2016-10-14 11:34:45
Can you program a 3D simulated fighting sumo robot? Compete with others online to win Amazo [...]
0Olivier Michel2016-05-30 15:19:33
Webots 8.4.0 simplifies the distribution of sample simulations and models (no module downloa [...]
0Olivier Michel2016-03-09 15:48:27
Cyberbotics developed a simulation of operational tracked robots EOLE and EROS on behalf of [...]
0Stefania Pedrazzi2016-02-04 09:08:21
Webots 8.3.2 fixes a couple of bugs over Webots 8.3.1. It is recommended to all users of Web [...]
0Olivier Michel2015-12-16 14:15:02
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