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Dear webot, My university wants to purchase a license, but we can only do it through the [...]
1lan lee2017-03-23 09:04:55
Hello, I have installed Webots 8.5.3. I used to have an account in the past with which I l [...]
1Matej Hoffmann2017-02-28 11:02:02
Windows 10 I recieve the error: Error: requested licenses (nao_qi or edu) not avail [...]
4IXperium Oss2017-02-21 14:13:59
Windows 10, 64 bit Free pro trial license Webots 8.5.3 Hello, I have a Windows 64 wi [...]
3Rafsan Rabbi2017-02-17 04:53:52
I bought DarwinOP2 and it included an Webots dongle. How can I check which versions of Web [...]
1Ji-Hyeong Han2017-01-25 02:42:13
I am getting a error saying that there is a licence server error, i am using the free trial [...]
18Jack Delahaye2017-01-09 21:16:53
Hello, I have a Windows 64 with free trial license. Today I activate free trial license, bu [...]
1Mirko Laborenz2016-12-10 19:42:38
Hi: Webots(8.4.0) can connect to my computer .but it always fail to connect to my server. [...]
4ya zhang2016-11-14 02:18:24
Hi I am having this problem with my licenses OS: MAC Webots: 8.0.1 Licenses: 1 PRO a [...]
14Anis Koubaa2016-10-31 07:28:51
Fedora 23 64-bit. Webots EDU 8.2.1. Hi! I'm having a problem with connection to the inter [...]
7Gabriel Chaves2016-08-25 17:38:03
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