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I have designed an object in SolidWork, and import it to Webot. I want to study the Nao's [...]
1Azadeh Mohebi2016-12-04 09:02:00
Hello everyone. I am currently running Webots 8.5.2 on Windows 10. I am working on a project [...]
3Drew Chen2016-12-03 17:56:34
Hello I'm trying to save an image from the op2's camera using the wb_camera_save_image fu [...]
1Savannah Gabriel2016-12-01 22:34:06
OS: Linux 64 Webots 8.5.2 Pro Hello, so I've got a problem with getting Nao to walk in [...]
4Mikael Fuhrmann2016-11-24 14:46:06
Good afternoon I'm trying to implement a "Simple" Impedance Controller on a 2 link planar [...]
4Nuno Magalhaes2016-11-17 17:52:02
Hi, Is there a way to retrieve the name of the world file from inside a controller? i.e., [...]
3Zeynab Talebpour2016-11-16 15:13:38
Hello Everyone, As the title shows, there is aroung 100ms delay from command to measuremn [...]
7gb sun2016-11-11 17:10:44
Hi, I have learned webots these days. And I am trying to control a robot when it suffers fr [...]
1QIN ZHOU2016-11-07 02:20:25
Hi, some times the pioneer3at robot capsizes while moving for example when it collides to [...]
2farinaz alamiyan2016-10-08 12:59:26
8.3.2 I'm trying to get the information of the shape of a solid. [code] DEF MyShape S [...]
1Inbae Jeong2016-10-05 10:03:24
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