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Questions regarding controller and physics plug-in programming.RepliesFromDate
Hi I have other controllers that use simulation revert and it worked fine, but in my recent [...]
2Nuno Magalhaes2017-03-30 17:13:29
Hi I tried with python 2.7 and 2.6 both. I added to Path. But it still gives that error w [...]
3Haldun Köktaş2017-03-22 20:56:17
Windows 10, Webots EDU 8.2.1 Hi, I'm having a problem when trying to compile a controller [...]
5Gabriel Chaves2017-03-22 01:29:17
We have been working with the e-puck robot in Webots. However, one thing myself and others h [...]
2Helen Rankin2017-03-15 18:12:51
Hi, I am upgrading from webots 8.0.5 to webots 8.5.3 and I use ROS hydro! I'm hoping this [...]
1Zeynab Talebpour2017-03-09 16:20:07
Windows 10 Webots Pro Hey, I am trying to use the line following controller module for m [...]
2Jiaxiao CAU2017-03-08 02:54:36
Operation System: windows 8 Webots Version: PRO. 8.5.3 I am going to create situation wh [...]
6JIAXIAO CAI2017-03-03 02:29:19
Hello, on an Ubuntu 16.04 with Webots 8.5.3, I'm testing some Nao demos (nao.wbt, nao_demo. [...]
3Matej Hoffmann2017-03-01 13:56:02
windows 7,webots pro 8.5.3 hello developer, when i open an world file that built befor [...]
3ph yan2017-03-01 09:21:43
Operation System: windows 8 Webots Version: PRO. 8.5.3 Problem Encountered: I try to so [...]
2JIAXIAO CAI2017-03-01 07:59:36
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