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Questions regarding environment and robot modeling in Webots, including sensors and actuators.RepliesFromDate
Hello I am working on Darwin-op model in Webots. and i am a little confused whit motor param [...]
1hamed mahmudi2017-11-13 13:07:19
Hello I am currently working on Darwin-op model in Webots. I found that coordinate of 'Lowe [...]
2hamed mahmudi2017-11-01 13:47:07
OS:win10 x64 webots:8.5.2 pro There are 4 touch sensors on one foot of robot NAO. But whe [...]
1WD Geng2017-10-26 08:48:02
My OS: Ubuntu 16.04 My Webots license: PRO My Webots version: 8.6.2 Hello, I am tryi [...]
3Chansol Hong2017-10-22 14:31:32
Hello, i have some parts in Solidworks and i want to get moments of inertia of them in order [...]
2hamed mahmudi2017-10-18 13:00:16
hello I have a problem with saving VRML file which is exported from Solidworks. because the [...]
9hamed mahmudi2017-10-11 18:05:43
Hi, I'm using webots 7.4.3. I'm facing this problem since some time. I have an amputated [...]
2C├ęsar Ferreira2017-10-04 12:17:28
Linux 64, Webots 8.6.1 Hi, I am visualising a point cloud lidar in my robot window an [...]
10Liam Gritters2017-09-13 18:25:19
Linux 64, Webots 8.6.0 Hi, Webots seems to crash every time I try to add a texture nod [...]
3Liam Gritters2017-09-13 16:12:27
Linux64 , Webots 8.6.0 Hi, Webots keeps crashing when I add a solid node to the diff [...]
2Liam Gritters2017-09-07 21:59:27
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