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Questions regarding environment and robot modeling in Webots, including sensors and actuators.RepliesFromDate
win10 ,8.5.4 pro I build two robots in the two different files. I want to combine the two r [...]
7Kun Kun2018-09-11 16:29:25
Hi, I just want to ask is the Nao on webot has the coupled joints(LPitchYaw and RPitchYaw)? [...]
4yuan gao2018-08-20 03:45:59
Hi, I imported the reemc robot into the webots. Everything works just fine except an err [...]
2ben steve2018-07-17 10:31:05
Hi, I am working on implementing RL methods to control the Blimp robot. I would like to u [...]
2Amalie Pauli Nyhagen2018-07-12 21:45:48
i have not been able to find any help regarding the camera for the Darwin op in python contr [...]
1nida ayesha2018-06-29 10:03:21
Hello everyone OS:win10 x64 webots:8.5.2 pro There are 4 touch sensors on one foot of [...]
1kullboys boys2018-06-28 09:50:49
hi, I tried the newest version (2018a_rev2) on ubuntu 16.04. I found there are ***extract [...]
23gb sun2018-06-28 02:56:36
hi, i want to get the distance between robot and the obstacles around it. regarding the A [...]
3Tim Sardou2018-06-27 11:21:25
hello.when I use webots as my platform to do my reinforcement learning project, I find that [...]
3limin lin2018-06-25 10:09:36
As we know, the second order robot model can be described by the equation M*ddq+h(q,dq)=tau+ [...]
5yuan gao2018-06-24 21:39:38
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