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Questions regarding environment and robot modeling in Webots, including sensors and actuators.RepliesFromDate
A question about foot touch sensor of robot by kullboys boys (1) 2018-06-28 09:50:49 Hello [...]
1madamx nox2018-11-08 05:35:46
I'm implementing a controller for a vehicle using the BmwX5. After the creation of the Drive [...]
3Nelson de Moura Martins Gomes2018-11-06 11:39:22
Helllo, We connected with putty to robotisop2 but we cant open the browser in [...]
3aysegul ucar2018-11-06 01:25:34
Hi, I built a robot model with a arm(5 rotational motors), a wrist(2 linear motors and ba [...]
3Chen Tai-Tsen2018-10-30 10:48:35
License of Webots: PRO Version of Webots: 2018b Operating System: both windows a [...]
16aysegul ucar2018-10-28 17:33:24
Hi, I built up a robot with wrist and fingers, and the 5 fingers built up flow are the sam [...]
1Chen Tai-Tsen2018-10-27 17:32:42
I am trying to implement a controller for a autonomous vehicle, but I would like to get the [...]
16Nelson de Moura Martins Gomes2018-10-23 16:57:59
I would like to know the measures of all the available vehicle objects in WeBots. Some measu [...]
5Nelson de Moura Martins Gomes2018-10-22 15:14:10
Please provide useful information where applicable such as: - Your operating system (Window [...]
1madamx nox2018-10-06 03:38:42
Hi, I use someone's python code to convert urdf file to webots readable proto file, but whe [...]
11Chen Tai-Tsen2018-09-24 18:52:16
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