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Questions regarding environment and robot modeling in Webots, including sensors and actuators.RepliesFromDate
OS: Linux License: PRO Version: R2018a Hello, I was testing with IndexedFaceSet node [...]
2Chansol Hong2018-01-12 06:42:41
hello i want to know that is there any way that calculate the com of robot in during wal [...]
1reza aqajani2018-01-11 12:35:01
OS: Ubuntu 16.04 License: PRO Webots version: R2018a Hello, I was testing with contactM [...]
1Chansol Hong2018-01-04 04:09:21
I create a quadruped robot model like in Fig, but I want to initialize some motors in order [...]
1Xiang Wang2017-12-27 12:56:16
I add a GPS node on the robot, but it can only returns the position of the body. How can I g [...]
18Xiang Wang2017-12-27 04:16:14
I add a inertial_unit node on the Robot and foot, then print the orientation. But the orient [...]
3Xiang Wang2017-12-27 03:04:13
Hi, I need to create an uneven terrain in the environment. I use elevation grid and it work [...]
3farinaz alamiyan2017-12-18 09:26:33
Hi all, For my Bachelor thesis I have to let my participants steer a Nao robot through a [...]
3John Lehto2017-12-05 15:08:08
hello all I was facing many issues in creating KUKA robot with camera and kinetic sensor. c [...]
1Ravi Teja Pamarthi2017-11-30 08:01:16
OS: Windows 10, Ubuntu 16.04 (Tested on both) License: PRO Version: 8.6.2 Hello, I am t [...]
2Chansol Hong2017-11-24 06:29:39
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