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Webots PROFrom CHF3,450.00
Webots PRO (academic discount)From CHF2,300.00
Webots EDUFrom CHF320.00
Webots MODFrom CHF19.00
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Differences between Webots PRO, EDU and MOD

Webots comes with three different flavors:

  • Webots PRO is more powerful and intended for research use.
  • Webots EDU is less powerful but cheaper and intended for educational use.
  • Webots MOD is even cheaper but specific to a single robot and associated programming language.

Webots PROWebots EDUWebots MOD
fast simulation modeyesnono
supervisor programmingyesnono
plug-in programmingyesnono
simulation streamingyesnono
creation of new robots and objectsyesyesno
large robot libraryyesyesno
large object libraryyesyesyes
multi-platform Windows / Linux / Mac OS Xyesyesyes
transfer to real robotsyesyesyes
1 year Premier serviceyesyesyes


e-puck2 robotFrom CHF700.00